Sept 14th - 15th, 2002

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Day 1: Mount Seven / Canyon Creek Canyon

Here we are getting our bikes ready at the top of Mt. Seven.

Kim, Dave, Carol, Roberta, Bob, Bryan, Andrea, Roy.

Missing in the photo is John who is taking the picture and Brent who we picked up in the parking lot.


Checking the view at the top of Mt. Seven

Looking down to the valley to the arrow which is Canyon Creek Canyon and the circle is where our camp ground is.

John ventured down this very steep embankment to take this picture. There was a downhill race the next day that started from this point. We wisely opted to avoid it these trails.


There were a couple of hang gliders getting ready to launch but we didn't
have the patience to wait for them when there were trails to be ridden.

We didn't get far before we were checking maps to see where the
heck we were.

Bob and Roberta smoking down  the trail.



Through the trees....

Andrea in action.
....across the open slopes...

...and down through the rocks.



Roberta navigates a tricky section
but changes her mind.....

.....when she gets to this point.
"They can't be serious?"

"I'll take this route thanks!"



Bob's smiles as he cruises by and heads to where the group is admiring the view.


Roy's turn to impress the camera person but we've caught him on some rather tame terrain.


That's the end of this trail.

Here, take this will you.

Roy emerging from the Snake Trail.


After Mt. Seven, we headed to Canyon Creek Canyon.

John Andrea Andrea and Brent
Riding along the canyon edge was stunning. It was hard to keep your eyes on the trail and still sneak glimpses of the canyon. The first drop is a long one.

MOVIE: Looking down into the canyon.

Bryan, Kim, Dave, Roy, Carol, Roberta, Bob, John, Andrea

MOVIES: Here the group  is riding from the look out point along the canyon.  Andrea and Brent climbing along the canyon edge.


A cold one was in order at the end of the day.
(Still looking at the maps.)

It wouldn't be the first or last time today that the maps were dragged out and the trail signs were checked to see where we were.
Day 2:  Canyon Creek Canyon
A shot of our camping spot at
Sanders Lake campground.
John doing dishes.
Dave having breakfast.
Kim carefully checks the guide book before we head out onto the maze of trails in Canyon Creek Canyon.

As you can see it didn't do much good. We seemed to spend almost as much time checking the maps a we did riding. Well worth it though as the trails had a bit of everything. Windy and twisting trails, logs to hop, technical ups and downs, bridges to cross, hills to climb (push) log bridges and ramps to attempt, and great scenery as well.

And the infamous Cedar Lake to find.

A quick stop to check out the lake and let the dogs have a swim. "Is this Cedar Lake?"


We decided to ride back to the Canyon Creek edge for one more look.
The dogs get a drink to wash
down their Cliff Bar.


Roberta and John riding across a bridge.

The whole gang, riding down the trail  towards another bridge.

John finds a place to take a picture of
us on the Canyon edge.
Bryan has seconds thoughts
on this log bridge.
"I should have left this one
alone as well."
As always, Kim wins with the blood and cuts, and the great face.
Who's idea was it to come up this
45 degree trail?
MOVIE: Swimming at last in
(what we thought was) Cedar Lake.
Another great day finished off with
a nice "invigorating" swim.

Thanks to John King for his contribution to the pictures, and to Roy as always for the technical help,
and to Headway for the hardware and space.

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